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JCC Camp Tzofim JCC Camp Tzofim really loves the Compass Awards. We incorporated this into our Closing Circle ceremony at the end of each week for the first time last summer and the children absolutely love it. Using the compasses, we have whole-camp awards where we begin by acknowledge individual campers for their excellence in our specialist activities each week in: Camp Spirit, Arts & Crafts, Team Building, Drama, Teva (Nature), and the coveted Sportsmanship Award in front of the whole camp. We also used this as an opportunity for our counselors to meet with their individual groups and acknowledge each camper for his/her excellence in areas like bravery for trying some thing new, swimming, good attitude, making friends, GaGa excellence, and conflict resolution. The patches provided a tangible way for us to talk about each camper’s growth at his or her level in the form of an icon campers can recognize and remember all year long. They are proud of the patches they earn and parents are thrilled their children are so empowered to earn these badges.

Courtney Jacobson, JCC of the East Bay
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Camp JCC Logo Just wanted to tell you what a hit the Camp JCC Compass Awards were this summer! We are a camp for boys and girls ages 3 to 14, and every camper participated in the badge program. We were able to customize our own "merits, units, sports and activities" to match your designs. Badges were a highlight of Fridays at camp, and everyone was acknowledged weekly with approximately 2 badges per week. The fact the we could determine the right time and event to award an individual camper was perfect! Our counselors were able to encourage positive behavior and effort for whatever was appropriate for that camper's age, skills and needs. Parents were thrilled and saw this not only as an award but a source of feedback on the campers' experiences. Thanks for working with us to make it all happen!

Deborah Goldberg, Camp Director
JCC of Allentown
702 N 22nd Street
Allentown, PA 18104

Dana Davis

As you are preparing for your upcoming program I encourage you to think outside the box and try this unique program!

I have been a Summer Camp Director for over 20 years and this is the best program with the most diverse uses I have had the opportunity to be a part of.

This program has helped many staff teams plan their summers and set goals for their camp. This program can be used as teambuilding for your staff team. The camper and parent benefits that come with this program are endless. It has helped with parent communication, camper behavior management, it teaches goal setting and determination, the compass award itself is a great marketing tool for your camp and it really focuses everyone involved on what you are trying to accomplish throughout the summer. Each year the Compass Award Program improves and as a staff team you can develop new ways to incorporate parts of the program into your summer camp plans. Plans are already in the process across the country for this summer and we are excited to see the results!

I hope you will join the compass awards program and share with us how it inspires your staff, campers and program at your camp!

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Jen FeltzGreetings from YMCA Camp Matawa in Campbellsport, Wisconsin! My name is Jen Feltz and I have been the Executive Director at Matawa since 2003.  One of the first things I did when I took this position was contact John Passaro from Corporate Image Promotions, to talk about bringing the Compass Awards to camp.  I had seen the program at several camp conferences and thought it was amazing…and I was right!  We are entering our 4th year of the program and it continues to be a camper favorite. The program has continued to evolve and improve each year as our staff has come up with new ways to make it an important part of our camper’s time at Matawa.  For us, the program is not only a great way to recognize camper’s skill attainment but also a wonderful tool for helping campers to stay focused on the value that they choose to work on while they are at camp.  We ask each of the kids to commit to working on caring, honesty, respect or responsibility and at the end of the week, in order to receive their character value patch, they get up in front of their peers and talk about what they did that exemplified that value.  The compass award is a concrete way that we let our campers know that our values are just as important as the skills they learn.  I would encourage you to check out the Compass Award Program and determine how it can work best for your setting!

Marco RamirezMy name is Marco Ramirez and I am the Director of Youth Programs at the Southwest Wake YMCA in Apex, North Carolina. I have been a part of the YMCA for 15 years. The Compass Awards program was first introduced to me as a summer camp program. I thought this incentive program would be fantastic in our after school programs. A co-worker and I developed a curriculum that could encompass the whole school year. The Compass Awards program is a great incentive that allows us to plan our whole calendar around it. This program does not only involve our campers, it involves parent participation too. The Compass Awards program helps us incorporate and tie into our mission statement. Our after school programs strive to expose children to activities that focus on life skills, education, arts and humanities, character development and athletics & fitness, which the Compass Awards program assists us with.

Our Compass Awards program allows our campers to excel in things they are good at and learn skills that they may not know. Campers are allowed to decide which patches they would like to work on earning. Campers may work on more than one patch at a time. Every year different patches are added to give our campers a variety of patches to earn. We are currently working on a second compass for our campers that complete their first compass. I encourage you to check out the Compass Program and the benefits it can bring to your program.

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